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Empowering Employees to Take Strategic Control over their Personal Development

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Peak performance is often associated with the amount of work a CPU gets through, F1 car analytics or a combination of stats behind a professional football team has played. It’s a million miles from your Development team releasing a new feature or HR completing monthly Payroll and Sickness reports. In short, it’s an exercise in attaining perfection yet we all work in a very imperfect environment. When was the last time you saw one of the pitstop crew called into a meeting with the CEO just as the car came into the pits?

Performance reviews are also very impersonal. They’re…

A guide for non-techies.

Several years ago, I’ve had a urge to build some software. Back in about 2006 I had some ideas but never acted on them, and since then a number of businesses have used those ideas successfully. This time it’s going to be different!

Some background:

The coronavirus situation opened up certain opportunities to me, one of which was having a lot more time on my hands. I took the opportunity to develop some business ideas, and take some courses. I enrolled with Google to learn Android Basics free with Udacity, and completed the first two courses including building…

Recently and not for the first time, my medium feed contained three separate stories relating to time management. It’s a common theme and there are hundreds of recommendations around the topic. But more specifically all three articles were on the theme of email and how all consuming and detrimental it can be to your day. I agree and I felt that my day starts and stops with the denseness of my inbox.

One post I scanned was asking how technically, or via a selection of apps can you receive emails periodically instead of constantly. I like the idea but felt…

A spotlight on talent acquisition, some of its failings, and how to fix them.

Yesterday, about 50 Recruitment and HR professionals met in a pub in Brighton for the (soon to be) annual event #TruBySea. It’s called an Unconference because of it’s low-key, open, no BS and everyone can have say style. Because of this a ‘track’ can go in any direction, and this is what happened with mine. I wanted to run you through what happened.

Track 4: Exceptional Candidate Experience Leads to Maximum Employee Engagement — Tony Payne — 12:00hrs

I went with HR buzzword overload in order to mentally-SEO people into the room. It worked, a full house (room). …

Why Talent and People professionals could and should be running businesses

In a (business) world lacking in diversity, there are very few businesses being run by professionals with a background in People Ops, HR or Recruitment.

This surprises me, because no-one knows more their companies better then the People department who unlike any other team, operate by maintaining constant contact with all parts of a company. The People team should understand the needs of their colleagues, know the most effective ways to communicate in order to motivate, empathise or discipline. No-one else knows the inner workings of your company better then your Recruiters. …

Hiring at scale and how to do it effectively

A comparison of internal, outsourced and agency recruitment methods.

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Most growing businesses, especially Start-ups claim that hiring is one of the hardest things to get right and do cost efficiently. Similarly, all agree that making the wrong hires can cost a business much more than any agency fee it might pay for the hire. So how should a Start-up go about recruiting, bearing in mind the founding team and early employees very rarely include anyone with specialist talent acquisition experience?

There are 3 main options: hire an internal Recruiter (or team…

Top ten tips that any business can implement, yet few do.

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Having spent 20 years recruiting in agency and inhouse roles, I’ve work across 9 different countries conducted more than 4000 interviews and hired more than 1000 people. Trust me, I counted!

Things have changed dramatically in that time including the widespread adoption of CRM instead of a Rolodex and something called “Email”. I don’t mind admitting that my first placement (c1999) was made via fax, with a Secretary at the other end of the telephone telling me: “We’re missing pages 52, 53, 57 and 62, please retransmit!”

Attitudes to…

People Ops leadership tips

The major learnings of a Start-up Chief People Officer

There are many temptations laid out to tempt the otherwise sane and normal professional to join a start-up. The runaway successes of companies like Netflix, Amazon, WeWork and AirBnB help drive the trend to become the ‘Uber of …’. Rarely is balance provided as only the mega failures hit the headlines, and most Start-ups become just another line on a CV, and a greyed-out logo on LinkedIn. Perhaps all job profiles should come with a disclaimer stating that (according to …

More than 70% of the workforce are unengaged. Huge productivity gains could be created by companies focusing on increasing the engagement of their staff and simultaneously careers would develop at a faster pace. Engagement starts in the hiring process with progressive companies designing recruitment processes, benefits, offices space and new jobs themselves with engagement built it. Whilst it is tempting to take the first job offer that comes along, you should be more tuned in to the ‘why’ and the ‘what’. Why are you leaving? What do you really want?

When considering a new job it’s all too easy to…

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