HR Thought Leadership series

Empowering Employees to Take Strategic Control over their Personal Development

Peak performance is often associated with the amount of work a CPU gets through, F1 car analytics or a combination of stats behind a professional football team has played. It’s a million miles from your Development team releasing a new feature or HR completing monthly Payroll and Sickness reports. In…

Why Talent and People professionals could and should be running businesses

In a (business) world lacking in diversity, there are very few businesses being run by professionals with a background in People Ops, HR or Recruitment.

This surprises me, because no-one knows more their companies better then the People department who unlike any other team, operate by maintaining constant contact with…

Hiring at scale and how to do it effectively

A comparison of internal, outsourced and agency recruitment methods.

Most growing businesses, especially Start-ups claim that hiring is one of the hardest things to get right and do cost efficiently. Similarly, all agree that making the wrong hires can cost a…

Tony Payne

People & Talent Leadership. Building next gen tech for the recruitment and talent world. Build-Measure-Learn.

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